Decennial Lecture 1 - ‘Glory of the Guru in the Shrimad Bhagvat Puran.’

On the occasion of BAPS Swaminarayan Sanskrit Mahavidyalay’s Dashabdi Mahotsav (Decennial celebrations), an educational Decennial lecture series has been organised. On 22 July 2023, the first lecture of this lecture series commenced with auspicious vedic manglacharan and deep prakatya. Param Pujya Viveksagardas Swami, senior swami of BAPS, and Dr. Shree Narendra Kumar Pandya, Principal at Somnath Sanskrit Mahavidyalay served as chief guests. Pujya Gyantruptadas Swami gave a keynote address. He explained that the purpose of this lecture series is to develop a special interest in the study of scriptures and enhance its in-depth understanding. Through this lecture series, different scholars will provide experiential guidance and insight into various subjects of concern. This will provide an opportunity for students to understand different perspectives and ways of interpretation as well as the vast range of topics yet to be explored. Furthermore, Param Pujya Viveksagardas Swami explained the glory of the guru as explored in our traditional Sanskrit texts.

Dr. Shree Narendra Kumar Pandya then delivered the first lecture of this Decennial lecture series. Dr. Shree Narendra Kumar Pandya is a renowned scholar of Sanskrit literature, grammar & purans, as well as the Principal at Somnath Sanskrit Mahavidyalay. The subject of his lecture was ‘Glory of the Guru in the Shrimad Bhagvat Puran’. In his eloquent style, he gave a scholarly explanation of the importance of the Guru, as explained in Shrimad Bhagvat Puran. The audience consisted of students from BAPS Swaminarayan Sanskrit Mahavidyalay and a large number of other students who participated online. The listeners understood the significance of the Guru in life, as sung in the Shrimad Bhagvat, and the greatness of the Guru’s virtues. The monthly lectures of this lecture series will become a special event for students to acquire wisdom and inspiration.