Education Scroll Down न हि ज्ञानेन सदृशं पवित्रमिह विद्यते। “There is nothing as pure as brahmavidyā.”
(Bhagavadgītā 4.38)
The purity of knowledge lies in its universal relevance and the selfless act of its transmission. Learning in all its forms is forever illuminating and liberating. It actuates change and realizes the potential of all its receivers. What greater gift can be bestowed than knowledge itself? Committed to gifting knowledge, we at BAPS Swaminarayan Research are invested in facilitating higher education.
We encourage in-depth, productive, and reverent academic learning in all topics. By supporting a wide range of disciplinary studies, including those in philosophy, textual and literary studies, psychology and sociology, religious studies, linguistics and language studies, art and architecture, music, history, cultural studies, and even contemporary topics such as graphic design and animation, we seek to provide an encompassing framework that both accommodates individual interests and is adaptive to the ever-evolving educational landscape.
Additionally, through education we seek to broaden the horizons of all our students by motivating interdisciplinary study and encouraging appreciative study of other cultures, belief systems, traditions, and values. Through our numerous initiatives, we seek to educate scholars, teachers, students, and other professionals from all walks of life, irrespective of nationality, culture, faith, class, and gender.
A Holistic Approach
to Learning
In addition to facilitating discipline-specific forms of learning, we employ a holistic approach towards education. Our programs deliver a comprehensive educational experience by fostering learning both inside and outside of the classroom, together with constructive approaches that seek to inspire and produce personal and societal change.
Quality value education also ensures social harmony and development by promoting productive social interactions and instilling a sense of communal cohesion, inclusion, acceptance, and appreciation. We believe that values are an essential element that impacts moral, ethical, cultural, and social development. By integrating value education with formal learning, we strive to foster moral awareness, character development, and a sense of responsibility within our students. Value-based
In addition to our educational activities, we enrich scholarship by providing value-based learning.
Go to About Our Commitment Our commitment towards facilitating in-depth, adaptive, holistic, and value-based learning will provide the foundation needed for quality, innovative, and productive scholarship.
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