Research Scroll Down Whether it is descriptive, correlative, analytical, or experimental, research paves the way forward in all disciplines. It promotes systematic creation, analysis, and evaluation of thought, which in turn, drives awareness, growth, and implementation.
स्वाध्यायान्मा प्रमदः। “Do not neglect learning”
(Taittirīyopaniṣad 1.11.1)

Education reaches its greatest fulfilment through insightful research. By encouraging and facilitating research our institutes strive to ever expand the domain of knowledge.
Principles of
In our efforts to advance the most effective research we seek to uphold essential values that guide our investigations.
By guiding research through these and other values, we seek to inspire the most innovative, robust, and meaningful investigations within all our centers of learning. We also believe that good research utilizes insightful methodologies, seeks to understand and explore difficult questions, all the while being appreciative and considerate of other disciplinary developments. Additionally, we understand that the key to successful research lies in iteration: the process of repeatedly returning to inquiry, methods, and data, which in turn continually leads to innovative perceptions, thoughtful revisions, and effective improvements. We seek to contextualize academic investigations within a larger body of research in order to improve on practices and methods, develop a larger and more in-depth frame of understanding, and ground findings to relevant and meaningful inquiry.
Return to About Additionally, researchers are afforded with the opportunity to intelligibly convey their insights to others who are not experts in their fields, allowing them to articulate their ideas in a manner that is widely comprehensible, accessible, and practical. For scholars who share a common passion for inquiry, our institutes provide the opportunity to engage in innovative, quality, and informative scholarship. By hosting both educational and research-oriented study, our institutes are afforded with the added opportunity to integrate research with education. This entails that researching instructors, who possess contemporary and leading knowledge in their respective disciplines, are able to contextualize their teaching with modern findings. Integration of Research and Learning Innovative research thus filters through to students, informing them of up-to-date developments and allowing them to experience the fruits of persistent study and the excitement that accompanies groundbreaking research. This integration also ensures that our teaching faculty are lifelong learners who do not fall behind the latest developments in their fields of study. Having instructors who are involved in research also ensures that lectures are engaging, challenging, and characterized by deep instruction.
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