The Akshardham Center for Applied Research in Social Harmony

The Akshardham Center for Applied Research in Social Harmony (AARSH) is an academic institute that aims to bring about greater awareness to the study of Indian manuscripts, culture, language, theology, and philosophy. Located at the majestic Swaminarayan Akshardham in Gandhinagar, the center was founded in 1991 under the visionary guidance of His Holiness Pramukh Swami Maharaj. Since its opening, AARSH has become a home to a network of scholars, professionals, and community leaders who come together to collectively enhance their research and skillsets and gain new perspectives.

AARSH excels as a center for learning and innovative research. Providing access to exceptional resources, study and discussion spaces, and ample opportunities for creative expressions, the Institute serves as a comprehensive source for academic excellence. By grounding intellectual study and investigation in real-world applications, AARSH serves as a platform for scholars to discuss practical applications of philosophy and the sciences to increase social harmony and to find innovative solutions to communal problems.

Excellence in Manuscriptology and Paleography

Classical literary works encapsulate all branches of human knowledge. Composed in traditional languages and scripts; on various materials, such as cloth, palm leaves, and parchment surfaces; with varied writing instruments that use different types of dyes; and in distinct handwritten styles; these works, in all their diversity, form an invaluable corpus of literature.

Dedicated towards cataloging, preserving, and deciphering these works, the Institute serves as a leading center in the practice of analyzing, reading, and dating historical manuscripts.

Its contemporary initiatives, including the digitalization of manuscripts and making them available for students and affiliated members, supplement its continued efforts to integrate modern technology and increase accessibility to rare works.

The Institute’s efforts to retain rare works also include programs that republish and provide critical versions of these works.

Known for its outstanding work and innovative investigative methods, the Institute continues to be recognized as a leader in manuscriptology and paleography.

Conference Center

Special Exhibitions, Rare Works Galleries, and Cultural Programs

Cherishing the rich heritage and diversity of thought, art, and culture, we at AARSH are committed to creating awareness and appreciation of all forms of expression. We strive to accomplish this through numerous initiatives, including the regular hosting and organization of special exhibitions, rare works galleries, and cultural programs.