Expression Scroll Down स्वाध्यायप्रवचनाभ्यां न प्रमदितव्यम्। “Do not forgo studying nor its expression”
(Taittirīyopaniṣad 1.11.1)
These creations serve to communicate ideas, develop and authenticate them, and contribute towards the growth of its presenters. In addition to focusing on education and research initiatives, we emphasize the significance of communicating learning through presentation and the production of creative expressions.
Disseminating Original Ideas By virtue of its contemporariness, such expression also ensures that it engages with current advancements and is relevant to the interest and concerns of its audience. The expression of learning serves to communicate findings by disseminating original ideas to both academic and non-academic communities. This distribution, in turn, expands the horizons of thought, creates an appreciation and understanding of its diversity, and generates awareness of new perspectives and findings. The presentation of research and learning also informs policy, guides practice, and provides the opportunity for others to explore new avenues of thought. Developing and Authenticating Content For these reasons, presentations instill external validity and increase the credibility of the research conveyed. The presentation of research and learning also plays a crucial role in developing and authenticating its content. When findings are conveyed, they are forced to be clarified, systematized, and refined so that others may accurately and easily comprehend them. They are also required to be significant, ensuring that the content of presentations is relevant, generalizable, efficient, and innovative. The expression of original research also demands its content to be persuasive, and as a result, also requires it to provide credible lines of reasoning and consider and resolve tenable objections. Expression also provides a creative outlet for learning and inspires the presenter and others to engage in additional original productions. Comprehensive Development In addition to advancing the quality of research, intellectual expression also contributes to the comprehensive development of its presenter. Productively expressing learning to others also enhances the credibility of the presenter, increasing their visibility and facilitating their professional development. By effectively presenting one’s findings, a presenter acquires the ability to elaborate clearly, logically, and convincingly. Doing so provides them with the opportunity to realize hidden potentials and develop effective communication skills. Larger, more involved contributions are expressed through text publications that span from academic works to artistic renderings. Since much of content sharing and distribution is online, maintaining an active online presence is yet another essential means for expressing learning. Organizing special assemblies, cultural events, and exhibitions also allow for the demonstration of a wide range of creative expressions, including the presentation of creative works, artistic expressions, and performing arts that cater to both academic and non-academic audiences. Expression is also one of the primary goals of conferences, where scholars are afforded the opportunity to present original findings to not only others in their own disciplines but also experts from other fields of study, academic environments, and societal and cultural frameworks.
The publication of findings in reputed periodicals, including peer-reviewed (refereed) scholarly journals and relevant trade magazines, compendium volumes, and online through research portals are an excellent means for disseminating research. Intellectual and creative expressions occur through various mediums. In addition to these venues, diversity of presentation is furthered by integrating numerous languages within its expressions. Additionally, conducting regular lecture series and seminars allow for a more in-depth and involved expression of educational content. Mediums of Expression
Return to About Among many of our online initiatives, regular updates and posts to this website serve to establish an online presence of many of our activities and productions. Facilitating and Encouraging Expression Aware of the significance of intellectual and creative expression, we through our institutes seek to facilitate and encourage the presentation of innovative, quality, and inspiring research through all the means described. Our efforts to support academic expression is facilitated by the periodic publication of the BAPS Swaminarayan Research Journal, a peer-reviewed academic journal. In addition to encouraging participation within these forums, we also motivate our members to participate in venues and creative enterprises hosted by other institutions. All our institutes also assist in the publication of original texts in several languages, including English, Hindi, Sanskrit, and Gujarati. We feel that the expression of learning in all its forms plays a crucial role in ensuring the communication of knowledge, the development of sound academics, and the comprehensive development of all our members. Our institutes also regularly host conferences, lecture series, special assemblies, cultural events, and exhibitions to provide opportunities to express novel contributions.
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